BluRay for Backup? On Mac? Yes! And Movies too!!

Are you like me and have an old workhorse that is a little dated (like my mid-2009 24″ iMac) and you want to copy all those gigabytes of pictures off of your Mac onto physical media (you like iCloud perhaps, but you want to keep the monthly costs down and don’t want to use it for cold storage?

You should consider a BluRay drive. I just bought one from BestBuy for $69 (Pioneer). Now, instead of using 10 or 20 DVD-Rs to copy your pictures (and the constant nurturing of inserting and removed discs), you can put them all on a SINGLE BluRay disc. Nice…

Now, you want to play movies, since you have the hardware? Well, you can do it yourself (I intend on doing this with VLC and the appropriate libaries in the future), but you don’t want to. You’re thinking about MacGo’s BluRay software, but you’re noodling the $40 question with how much you might use it? Well, noodle no more! Go to StackSocial ASAP and get the BluRay MacGo software for less than $15, along with a tons of other applications, of which I think Disk Expert is probably the most interesting.

Although I wish I did, I’m not getting any commission from this recommendation (nor do I have any relationship with StackSocial, other than as a customer). Just thought you might have thought about it and didn’t want to pass up a pretty good deal!


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