Donate to Charity and Get A Bundle of Good Software!

Flash!  There’s a Mac App Bundle deal going on over at StackSocial right now– probably the best price that you’ve ever encountered– the “Name Your Own Price” Mac Bundle.

Check it out over at at  You can name your price (literally) and donate money at the same time to one of three charities.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation (for the libertarian minded)
  • Charity Water (for the humanitarian minded)
  • Stand-Up-To-Cancer (for the health-care minded)

So run on over to and donate some money to one of these charities and get some pretty nifty software at the same time.  Here’s how it works.  If you low-ball your donation by not meeting the average donation price, you get five titles.  These are:

  • iDocument
  • Jaksta
  • skEdit
  • iClip
  • Sparkbox
  •  MacCleanse 3

If you beat the average price, you’ll also get the following titles:

  • MacFlux 4
  • Typinator 5
  • ForkLift 2

Probably only my Twitter followers will get this note in time– my apologies to all, but later is better than never.

Kindest Regards!


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