Free Mac OS X software? Almost!

If you’re in need of Mac OS X software, now is the time to purchase. I’ve used before (the Spring sale) and received a boatload of software for just $50 (well, $49.95 officially), and it was well worth it (I received Parallels 4.0, Tech Tools Pro, NetBarrier, et cetera, et cetera).

Now is your time to get the deal. Although you won’t get Parallels, you will 12 fantastic security apps and utilities. You’ll receive the following:

    1. TechTool Pro 5 (by Micromat) – System maintenance utilities
    2. Computrace LoJack (by Absolute) – Hardware recovery software in the event of theft.
    3. VirusBarrier X5 (by Intego) – Antivirus software for Mac OS X viruses
    4. NetBarrier X5 (by Intego) – Firewall config software (excellent app)
    5. FileGuard X5 (by Intego) – file level encryption
    6. Personal Backup X5 (by Intego) – backup / sync / file & volume recovery
    7. ContentBarrier X5 (by Intego) – Web-surfing software for children
    8. Personal Antispam X5 (by Intego) – email filter
    9. WebGhost (by Macware) – IP obfuscation
    10. Klix (by JoeSoft) – A image recovery program
    11. MyWallet (by MOApp) – password security app
    12. Spring Cleaning (Smith Micro) – hard drive optimization, duplicate file elimination

My personal opinion? This is a steal and must have purchase! Go for it!


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