How do I scan from my Multifunction Device (MFD) Printer in macOS?

Image of macOS Capture application

Read the info below and watch it in less than 40 seconds (yes, some activities were sped up– but you’ll love the beat-break music!  But if not, just mute it..)

Have you ever had to scan something so that you could email it?  I know, I know– just do the millennial trick and take a picture of it with your camera equipped phone– if it’s the iPhone, you just wait for it to show up in iCloud and then pull it down with your mac.

BUT– you have that MFD printer, equipped with scanner, fax, etc.  Why not use it?  No thumbs, no stained wooden desktop as a background.  More professional looking too.  But how do you use it?  Well, if you have a Dell color laser MFD printer model CF1765nfw, I can tell you how, and the macOS makes it amazingly simple.  And if you don’t have a Dell CF or E model, bets are that it is probably freakily similar.

  1. Install the printer driver from the manufacturer (be aware that the driver installation may require you to restart your Mac)
    • Your printer must support Network Scanning in order for this to occur.
    • The info here works for a Dell CF1765nfw multifunction printer and may work with yours.  If it doesn’t consult with your printers manufacturer to confirm it supports scanning over the network and configuration instructions.
    • If you don’t do this, then all best are off.
  2. Start the Capture application (Finder→ Applications→ Capture)
    • This is where the video begins– it assumes you’ve installed the printer driver.
  3. Choose Shared Devices.
  4. Click Quickscan to preview the scanner bed, and/or choose Scan to scan the image to a specific format (use the scan options to determine the format, quality, et cetera).

That’s it! (if you don’t like Matrix-esk beat break, mute the speaker… ;-p ).

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