iTerm – A macOS Terminal Replacement Option

Image of an iTerm2 Window

Are you a Command Line Interface type of user who just needs every tweak that you can get for your CLI-centric life?  You’re a macOS Terminal user who wishes for a little ‘oomph’ in his or her terminal life?  (did you get the pun?)   

Well, you may want to take a look at iTerm (or more appropriately, iTerm2 found at  They brand themselves as the “macOS Terminal Replacement”, and if you’re a Power User, I’d have to concur.    Just look at the preferences pane for each:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.23.47 PM
macOS Native Terminal

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.23.44 PM


Split Views & Broadcast Options

One of the greatest features that I use are the Split options (showing 2 or more terminals in the same tab) combined with the Broadcast feature.  I’ve left the default split keyboard sequences but modified the broadcast.    It’s nice to be able to quickly start multiple sessions both vertically (<command>+D)  and horizontally (<shift><command>+D) and then start broadcasting to them all by hitting <ctrl><alt/option><command>+<|> (pipe).  And to quickly turn off the broadcast, it toggles, or just one terminal, <alt><command>+<|>.

The screenshot below shows my seven node Docker Swarm running in a VMware Fusion environment.

Image of iTerm2 window.
iTerm2’s Shell->Broadcast Menu

If you’re looking for custom keystrokes, multi-finger swiping within a terminal, and a lot more, then you really should check out iTerm2.  It’s an easy install and will be worth your time.

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