macOS Sierra – Taking the Plunge

Since I have a MacBook Pro (Dec 2015), I took the plunge to macOS Sierra, Mac OS 10.12.  The first thing I’ve run into is that some of my older applications don’t run.  They require legacy Java 6 (which Apple provided up to El Capitan).  If I can’t get it working, not sure what to do, since I have an old version of the Adobe creative application suites (CS5).


So, before you upgrade, identify your key applications and verify that they are compatible for macOS Sierra 10.12.  If I run into anything that I find earth-shattering, I’ll post again about it.


But to know a bit about it, the list below should help.  Also, you can go to the “What’s New?” link here or to the generic Apple macOS Sierra page

New system features include:

  • Siri functionality (my first query was Sunrise, and it was correct)
  • Deeper iCloud integration (sharing documents is supposed to be easier)
  • Shared Clipboard with Apple Devices

Under-the-hood Features (things non-geeks usually ignore):

  • Disk Utility
    • Support for RAID has made it return after being removed in 10.11
  • Finder view has new “always at top” option

New application features

  • Safari-like Tabs available in Mail and other applications
  • Update to Photos (now you can search/find photos in new ways)
  • Update to Messages/iMessage (can tie an emote to specific message)
  • Redesigned iTunes
  • Mail has new filter options

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