Microsoft PowerShell for macOS (10.12 or later)

Home Brew installation of PowerShell
Home Brew installation of PowerShell
Installing PowerShell with Home Brew.

In my day (and night) job, the one I actually get paid for, I am a certified technical trainer, and am currently performing in the role of “Lab Architect”.  Because I don’t work for Apple, I work with Microsoft and Linux products all day.  Since the arrival of PowerShell, Microsoft has created a true management strategy for administrators.  With most of my limited familiarity being with document based management tools (i.e., UNIX and their inherent configuration files), I’m thinking this is a good place to learn.  In fact, I would say that PowerShell is a must know tool if you intend on doing any level of management in a large environment.

Well, low and behold, as of June/July of 2016, Microsoft made PowerShell open source.  Install it on your macOS system if you have any level of interaction with Microsoft products– and you can practice by installing Microsoft VMs in a VirtualBox environment or VMware Fusion environment as well!

What do you need?

  • Internet access
  • Instructions from GitHub
  • Home Brew

How do you install it?

  1. Install Home Brew.  Instructions found here:
  2. Install PowerShell from GitHub using the instructions found here:
  3. Enroll in Microsoft’s Virtual Academy’s Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell course.  It’s FREE!

That’s it!  Now, you can tryout PowerShell on your macOS and manage Microsoft products!

Additional Resources:

Wilson Mar’s page

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