Popular Mechanics objective review – Apple’s Mac OS X beats Microsoft’s Windows Vista!

I know it’s dated, but I was quite surprised to see this, to be honest. Check out Glenn Derene’s piece on Mac OS X (Leopard) and Windows Vista side-by-side comparison.

Take a look at the article Mac vs. PC: The Ultimate Lab Test for New Desktops & Laptops at Popular Mechanic’s website.

Dan Farber, of Cnet, opined with the article titled Bad news for Microsoft, good news for Apple and Intel.

As one who has migrated the household computer over to Mac OS X, here are my two cents: The Mac is, by far, running a better operating system. The main issue with Windows users (myself included) is getting used to something different. However, once you do, there is no question about it, OS X on an Intel is much better than Vista (or XP) on an Intel. The biggest thing that allowed Apple to get my money was the fact that their boxes run Microsoft Windows XP (and Vista) natively, and they provide a tool to boot it. I have Boot Camp installed for those times I may need Internet Explorer. However, it has been months since I booted the partition natively– I use VMware Fusion, and boot it side by side (dual monitors rock).

I’ll never go back to Windows if I can help it.

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