QuickView for those pesky text files! QLStephen

QLStephen install via Homebrew

If your’e like me, you want to don’t like opening an application just to see what the contents of a document are.  One of the biggest and best features of Apple’s macOS is the QuickView feature.  It’s an on demand thing– not like Windows (called Preview) where it’s either always on or always off)– you just look through Finder and hit the spacebar.  Wha-La!  You see the contents of QuickView supported files (e.g., document files, source code files, and files with .txt extension, etc.).  Some files aren’t supported. Like files with no extension.  Even when they’re an obvious text file (e.g., README).

The rub is when you are a README with no .txt extension, QuickView plays dumb– just says, “Yep, that’s a file, and here’s info about it.  You can open it in TextEdit, would you like to?  Then hit this pretty button!”.  Kinda frustrating that it knows it should open it in TextEdit, but it won’t let you preview the darned thing.

Well, you’re answer is here– QLStephen.  You need to have Homebrew installed if you want to make it simple.  Or if not, you can always compile it from code via git.

Get it here, https://whomwah.github.io/qlstephen/, or better yet, just install it with Homebrew brew cask install qlstephen.

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