Reinstalling macOS Sierra

Image of beginning of macOS Sierra installation.

So I’ve been running my late 2015 MacBook Pro for a little over a year now (thanks to my gracious in-laws, who gave me the wonderful laptop for Christmas in 2015), I’ve been really hammering it.

You know– with StackSocial and deals!  I could talk about the lifetime Zoolz backup package I got for $39 USD, or the great deal I received on lifetime VPN, but I’ll resist.  Something I installed, however, does not like shutting down.  I did basic some basic troubleshooting to see what could be hanging it– but since I nearly filled my 250GB SSD drive, I thought it might be best to start over.

So I did.  And… it… went… well!!

I captured the process and will document it in an upcoming article.

Thanks for reading and your support!


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