The Missing Window Manipulation Utility – Spectacle

This is a short write-up.  Since I often have to use Windows, there is one keyboard shortcut that I’ve gotten used to and use quite a bit– the Window+ArrowKey to move a window to the left or right half of the screen (or different display).  But there is no native macOS equivalent!

Have no fear– Eric Czarny started an Open Source project and 22 other contributors have helped make this option a reality.

Spectacle!  You just download it, unzip it, provide it the rights needed, and you’re off out of the box, so to say.  If you want to configure the keys as you see fit you can do so, but by default it has the following configuration:

Windows can be moved to a number of predefined regions of the screen:

  • Move to the left half — ⌥⌘←
  • Move to the right half — ⌥⌘→
  • Move to the top half — ⌥⌘↑
  • Move to the bottom half — ⌥⌘↓
  • Move to the upper left — ⌃⌘←
  • Move to the lower left — ⌃⇧⌘←
  • Move to the upper right — ⌃⌘→
  • Move to the lower right — ⌃⇧⌘→

On first take, I’d place this in the same essential bucket as AppCleaner.  I use these key sequences that much.

Thanks Eric and Spectacle team!  (BTW– great and pretty icon!)

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