Where’s ‘wget’ on Mac OS X?

The other day I was trying to view a flash video file on the web, but the darn thing was just too small! For whatever reason, I was unable to right click a link (or command-click the link) and choose Save Target As… What to do?

Being a Linux guy (I used to hold a Red Hat Linux certification), I obviously tried to use the old classic standby ‘wget‘. To my surprise, I got the ugly :command not found message from within terminal when (e.g., bash$wget http://niftyurl.com/niftyfilename.ext) . Oh no! Mac OS X, a BSD derivative, doesn’t have wget?!

After a quick search, I found that curl -O does the exact same thing (e.g., bash$curl -O http://niftyurl.com/niftyfilename.ext)! Yes, I now know that curl is now a favorite in the *nix world, but I hadn’t used it for this purpose (seeing that I thought of wget as a classic). Anyway– WooHoo! Now I can view the video/flash file that I’m supposed to watch from my accounting class without straining my eyes!

Have fun!


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